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Registration document

Registration document
(Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §)

  1. Registar
    Sivakka-yhtymä Oy, Oulun Sivakka Oy ja Oulun Tervatalot Oy
    Myllytullinkatu 4
    90130 OULU
    puh 08 314 8190
    fax 08 314 8297

  2. Registar Manager
    Housing Service Manager Maritta Schavikin
    Myllytullinkatu 4
    90130 OULU
    phone: 044 710 8173
  3. Register name
    Tampuuri (customer and property database system)
  4. Purpose of register
    With the register, we are able to carry out tenant selection, maintain rental payments receivable, rent receivable collection, handling rental agreements and the termination thereof.
  5. Data content of register
    For the register, we save the applicants name, date of birth, address, phone number, income, assets/property and the need of an apartment (info of current housing and reason for apartment application), rental agreement data, payment data of rent, and the rent deposit info.
  6. Data sources according to rules and regulations
    The sources of info used are the apartment application left by the customer, announcements and events given by the customer. Other sources of info are the Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the statistics center Väestörekisterikeskus.
  7. Giving and transferring of data outside the EU or the European economic area according to the rules and regulations.
    The information in this register is given only to authorities who legislative right to obtain such info. Information on the tenant selection is sent to monitoring authorities. The information is provided in writing or if agreed on, electronically.
  8. Principle of register protection

    A. Manual material (storage place and protection)

    Manual material is archived in a locked and protected room by topic and date.

    B. Data stored in computer (principles of register user rights, user supervision and the physical protection of the device).

    Only the certain appointed employees of Oulun Sivakka have access to the stored data, who log in with their personal user name and passwords. The data is stored in a centralized, locked and monitored IT room.
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