In business for 20 years already

Oulun Sivakka´s history goes back 50 years. Current business form started in 1992 when the city of Oulu transferred its entire rental housing units to our control. Many other cities in Finland have followed this reasonable and pioneering concept.
Company growth has been very strong. Turnover has increased manifold and the number of apartments to manage has grown by over 60%. During the past years, new features/functions have become a part of us. This includes, among others, tenant selection has been transferred from the city of Oulu to us and construction work has been transferred to the company´s responsibility.

The Sivakka concern got its current form on the 1st November 2007, after the merger and acquisitions were carried out. At that point, Sivakka concern included six companies. Sivakka Group Oy was the parent company, whose share capital owns the city of Oulu.
Beginning on the 1st of November 2008, the Sivakka concern has included four companies: the parent company Sivakka Group Oy, subsidiaries Oulun Sivakka Oy, Oulun Tervatalot Oy and the Oulun Remonttimylly Oy.

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