The condition and household appliances of the apartment

When the tenant moves out, the manager and the property inspector check the apartment. If the apartment is new, recently repaired or if the rental agreement has lasted only a short while, an inspection before a move in isn´t necessary.

An inspection after moving in is done within two weeks after moving.

Sivakka´s new and renovated apartments have user and maintenance guides. Read the guides, if damage is caused by the failure to do so, the tenant may have to pay for the damages.

The apartment is rented out with the amenities as it is at the time of agreement.

You must agree with the local property manager on additional amenities. Costs arising from renovation work must be paid by the tenant.

For example, the property manager´s permission is always needed for the installation of a satellite dish. In most locations, there is a good place for the antenna. The antenna cannot protrude out from the balcony and its installation on the façade or roof is strictly prohibited.

Service advice

Property maintenance receives the service advices. It is easiest to fill out the service advice form on our website.

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